NH Music DECEMBER 10th Barnes and Nobles Fundraiser: Google Doc to Help Spread the Word!

Thank you Jen Barron for creating this Google Doc to help prevent duplicate efforts. Please use this to indicate where you have posted a flyer/brought vouchers. With many parents and students help we’ll raise MORE NEEDED FUNDS and maybe even help defray field trip costs:


Listen to your music student perform LIVE at Barnes and Noble Northgate!

Barnes and Noble has partnered with Nathan Hale Music to support a fund raising event at the Northgate Barnes and Noble store. When? What time?

The date is Saturday December 10th, 2016 for the big event. Every music ensemble will be performing throughout the day. Beginning at 10:00 am until 6:00 pm. That includes all instrumentals and vocalists from each music ensemble at Nathan Hale. Your music student needs your support!

Use the attached vouchers or voucher # when making purchases and a portion of the money will go to Hale Music Department to be used by all groups.

Here is our schedule for December 10th:

10:00am Drumline arrives drops off gear, scopes store, gift wrap, fliers, etc.

10:30am DL rehearses/performs AND Concert Orchestra arrives to gift wrap, fliers, tips, etc.

11:30am Concert Orchestra rehearses/performs and Wind Ensemble arrives to gift wrap, fliers, tips, etc.

12:30pm break for lunch (30 min)

1:00pm Wind Ensemble rehearses/performs and Concert Choir arrives to gift wrap, fliers, tips, etc.

2:00pm Concert Choir rehearses and Jazz Band arrivesto gift wrap, fliers, tips, etc.

3:00pm Jazz Band rehearses and Vocal Jazz arrivesto gift wrap, fliers, tips, etc.

4:00pm Vocal Jazz rehearses and Chamber Orchestra arrivesto gift wrap, fliers, tips, etc.

5:00pm Chamber Orchestra performs/rehearses

6:00pm Wrap Up

We are counting on you to shop for books, music, movies, games, etc., and pastries at the cafe! If you use the attached voucher number, Nathan Hale will receive a percentage of the proceeds! Don’t worry! If you forget your voucher number, we will have volunteers with extra vouchers at the event. The Voucher # is #12048740.

Please forward this email with the voucher number to your friends and family all over the country. This opportunity is also including online sales.

The Book Fair voucher and flyer are in the attachments.

Again, the Voucher # is 12048740.

Thank you for supporting Nathan Hale Music Department.

Nathan Hale Bookfair Vouchers.doc

Nathan Hale Bookfair Vouchers.pdf

Nathan Hale Flyer & vouchers.pdf