NH Music Booster Parent Meeting this Wednesday, April 19th 7:30-8:30

Dear Parents,

April has gone by quickly and it is time once again for the monthly NH Music Booster Parent Meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, April 19, 7:30-8:30 pm in the Choir Room. All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Please contact Barb Dolby, Chair, to get items added to the agenda. March meeting minutes are attached.

Barb Dolby, president: babsdolby (to add items to agenda)
Donna Crist, treasurer: thecristfamily
Meredith Berlin, secretary: tellmeri
Rebecca Dietz, direct donation drive: dietzrc
Jen Barron, swag sales, Chipotle: wannabefolkie
Anne Viggiano, website: avcolordesign
Laurie Duyker, communications: theduykers
Carol Suddarth, Disney Cookie Fundraiser: caroljsuddarth

Nathan Hale Music Boosters Meetintg.3.8.2017 (1).docx