Audition Results , Jazz Band

Hale Jazz Band 2017-18

Alto Saxophone:

Mattias Mulchi

Ben Ritchie

Connor Voelk

Ben Liu

 Tenor Saxophone:

Eli Rosen

Cece Matteson

Anuk Gutman

Cooper Cox

 Baritone Saxophone:

Matthew Jordan

Max Hiatt-Rusk


Alex Matteson

Desi Barron

Mason Moore

Danny Brady


Rachel Schmidt

Toma Handelman

Kale Strange

Tim Low

Robert Crist

Ben Duyker

Jaden Taylor

Joe Voelk


Katrina Doerflinger


Michelle Sezgin


Holden Predmore


Cameron Olson

Avram Silverstein

In the fall, within the first two weeks of school there will be a chair placement test. A piece will be handed out and everyone will have one week to prepare. Based on that audition I will assign students to parts and sections. At this point there will be two sections of Trumpet and Saxophone.

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