Audition Results, Vocal Jazz

Vocal Jazz Audition Results

Students all did a strong job at preparing for their auditions! Results are based off-of a rigorous audition process and selections made based on ethic, preparation, accuracy, skills, and more.

Congratulations to all!

Sop 1

Juliet Brown

Aaliyah Soukup-Stone

Anaelle Enders

Sop 2

Fiona Thomas

Hanna Wagner

Nayomi Anyika


Alli Nelson

Liv Pess

Camille Puaa

Zoe Plattner


Sage Overbay

Spot Open


Joey Baxter

Emmett Donelly

Spot Open

Rhythm Section

Seat Open – Piano

Guitar – Evan

Bass – George Drumheller

Drums – Eli

Drums – Kyle

All freshmen will be required to sign up for Concert Choir (or daytime band/orchestra)

  • All members are encouraged to sign up for a daytime music group
  • If the results are not what you expected, please consider emailing Mr. Norberg with questions on what you can work on for next time, as well as the possibilities for building your skills in Concert Choir or through voice lessons.
  • As usual, these postings are sensitive times for some, please consider the feelings of others

Evan Norberg

Nathan Hale High School

Director of Choirs/Music Survey