To: All Parents / Guardians sending their Jazz Band and Vocal Jazz students on the 2018

NHHS Monterey Jazz Festival Trip

Nathan Hale High School Music Boosters has been presented with an optional fundraising opportunity that will help our student’s families pay for the upcoming

2018 NHHS Monterey Jazz Festival Trip! All Jazz Band and Vocal Jazz families are welcome to participate in the Cougar Mountain cookie dough sale fundraiser (11/13 – 11/27/2017).

Cougar Mountain Baking Company, based in Seattle, will let NHHS Music Boosters sell 3 pound tubs of cookie dough for $16.00 each. Each tub makes apx. 48 cookies which ends up to be about $.333 per cookie. NHHS Music Boosters will be able to keep 50% of all proceeds: $8.00 for each tub of cookie dough sold! Whatever amount of cookie dough each student’s family sells will be applied to their own individual 2018 NHHS Monterey Jazz Festival Trip payment.

Cougar Mountain Cookie dough is locally owned and made – all natural, no preservatives, no trans fat, certified kosher, freshly made and hand packed. The tubs of cookie dough remain viable refrigerated for up to 3 months and frozen for up to 12 months. There are 8 different varieties of cookie dough (see online at Cougar Mountain Baking Company).

The cookie dough order forms will be passed out during music class to all Jazz Band and Vocal Jazz students on Monday, 11/13/2017. The sale will end on Monday, 11/27/2017 and all order forms, cash, and checks must be turned in on Monday, 11/27/2017 (sorry – no credit cards). All checks must be made out to “Nathan Hale Music Boosters”. Please note that the cookie dough sale will be held over Thanksgiving weekend – the perfect time to sell pre-order cookie dough to gathered friends and relatives, with delivery prior to the Winter break holidays! The cookie dough will be delivered at 4pm, Tuesday afternoon, 12/12/2017 in the Nathan Hale Commons. All cookie dough tubs must be picked up by student’s families before 6pm and delivered and refrigerated by 8 to 9pm that evening (4 to 5 hours after delivery).

NHHS Music Boosters, will be forwarding this information to all Jazz Band and Vocal Jazz families that are participating in the 2018 NHHS Monterey Jazz Festival Trip. Your family does not have to participate in this fundraising event. It’s just nice to have a fundraising option.

Final note: Last year for the 2017 Music Boosters Disneyland Trip, 22 of 70 students participated (approx 1/3). The range of funds raised (after paying for the cookies) began at $32 and on up to $752. The average amount raised per student was $220. Selling cookie dough is an awesome, easy way to offset the cost of participating in the 2018 NHHS Monterey Jazz Festival trip.

Here is the time-line for the Cougar Mountain Cookie Dough fundraiser:

Monday, 11/13: Cookie Dough Sales begin

Monday, 11/27: Cookie Dough Sales END

Each family should send in their completed order forms, cash and

Checks (All checks made out to Nathan Hale Music Boosters) to their

Music teachers asap (Monies will be turned over to Donna Crist,

Nathan Hale’s Music Booster Treasurer

Tuesday, 11/28: Final order form will be sent to Cougar Mountain Baking Company

Tuesday, 12/11: 4:00PM Frozen Cookie Dough will be delivered to the Nathan Hale

Commons. Parents / Families must make arrangements to pick up

the cookie dough by no later than 6:00PM. The dough must be

delivered to purchasers and refrigerated no later than 4 to 5 hours

post delivery, (so, by 8pm or 9pm that night) in order for the cookie

dough to remain viable

If you have any questions, please contact:

Donna Crist (thecristfamily) cell: (206) 349-6636

(NHHS Mom, NHHS Music Booster Treasurer)

Carol Suddarth (caroljsuddarth) cell: (206) 348-3340

(NHHS Mom, cookie dough fundraiser coordinator)