NH Music Booster Meeting, Tues., 2/27, 7 pm and Minutes from Jan. Meeting

Dear Parents of Hale Music Students!

You’re invited to the Music Booster Meeting this coming Tues., Feb. 27, 7 pm in the Vocal Music/Drumline Room at Hale. Hear reports from each music teacher and help make plans to support music education at Nathan Hale. Come check it out and consider how you’d like to help this year or take on a role for this next ’18-’19 school year. Questions? See current contact information and JANUARY MINUTES below (keep scrolling).

Current Officers 2017/2018

Barb Dolby, Chairperson: babsdolby

Donna Crist, Treasurer: thecristfamily

Carolyn Price, Secretary: cprice_54

Rebecca Dietz, Fund raising lead: dietzrc

Jen Barron, Swag Sales, Chipotle: jjtabarron

Anne Viggiano, Website: avcolordesign

Laurie Duyker, Communications: theduykers

Carol Suddarth, Cookie Fundraiser: caroljsuddarth

Nathan Hale Music Boosters Meeting
Jan. 16, 2018, Music Room, NH

Barb Dolby, Anne Viggiano, Katrina Sibiecky, Donna Crist, Laurie Duyker, Evan Norberg, Rebecca Dietz, Sue Pess, Carolyn Price, Jen Barron, Sue Coldwell, Packy Pearson. Notes taken and submitted by Carolyn Price

Evan Norbergreport:

  • NH application for Monterey is accepted for both competitive and non-competive. Will hear final word on Jan. 21.
  • Boosters agreed to send thank you notes to people who helped with the application.
  • Jan 26: Bellevue performance.
  • Drum line did MLK Jr. Assembly.

Dan Rowe: Reported by Ms. Sibicky:

  • UW Jazz Festival Jan. 27
  • Bellevue College Feb 3

Katrina Sibicky:

  • Planning a practice day on Weds., Jan 31, for orchestra.
  • Chamber Orchestra: waitlisted for Western, will possibly go to Central instead, March 9. Looking to co-op transportation with other schools
  • In late March the Chamber Orchestra will do a recording at Edmonds CC.
  • Wind Ensemble: Has played successfully at two NH home basketball games. Two more are planned: Jan 26, Feb. 2.
  • Orchestra will perform March 6 at Ingraham.
  • March 13, Chief Sealth, Wind Ensemble will participate in the Elliott Bay Music Educators Association; it is a section of Washington city music Assoc.
  • March 30 – Concert Orchestra.
  • MOPOP: April 5 – Wind Ensemble performs.
  • Katrina Sibicky will make a schedule on Sign UP Genius for parent chaperones needed for these field trips and concerts. Laurie Duyker volunteered to help as needed.
  • School Musical: Music Dept. is encouraging students to play at the musical in the pit.
  • Got application from University Women’s Club of Seattle for a grant app for piano lab. Application was for $300. This group gave us a grant a few years ago.
  • SOLO and Ensemble Contest: There are four NH students that will be participating at SPU Feb. 10.
  • All-State Band: Chelsea Li, who plays the clarinet, will be participating in this Feb. 17 in Yakima. Adelle Koenig was also accepted into All-State Band but will not be participating.
  • Teachers and Boosters all agreed that money should be set aside in future years to help students and their families pay for these All-Star expenses.


  • Donna Crist reported that from last September to current, Music Boosters have spent everything we brought in.
  • Need to have $5,000 – $6.000 in bank by end of school year to get off to a good financial start next September.
  • Barnes and Noble: We raised $1,000, half the revenue from last year. This was due to several reasons: there was a new point person at BnN, this resulted in no gift-wrapping table (which brought in about $300 last year). Good news: The equipment transportation, set-up and tear-down was a lot easier thanks to the many volunteers. Thank you to all! Teachers would like to make sure groups are playing in store to the best advantage.
  • Direct-Ask: 35 donors contributed $4,500. Best year in several years, according to Rebecca Dietz.
  • Ideas to increase this amount include being at all (bring own table, pay-pal) concerts this spring, put a program link on every communication that goes out, and continue to keep a donation button on the Web site. Alliance sends all donors a thank you note – and if donations are made online an immediate thank you/receipt is sent.
  • Sponsorship opportunities: Field Trip Sponsor, on programs, t-shirts, etc. We need to check if this is within School District policy rules.
  • Recommendation for 2018-19: Katrina Sibicky gets music performance promotions out in the community for more visibility and attendance.
  • SWAG: Still in the red, because we ordered extra, (t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags). Cost is $1,160; have brought in $1000. Should break even soon.
  • Expenses: Donna – Alliance fees are $400 (6% of what we put in) but breaking even with those fees and this is comparable to other options.
  • Monterey is a little bit in the red, but Boosters will cover some of the costs (buses and maybe chaperone fees).
  • Upcoming Fundraisers: Chipotle, bake sales – Jen Barron: Decided on Northgate Mall, we made $1,600 last year with 2 events. Date will be decide soon. Maybe before spring break. March 17 tentative date.
  • On average, we make about $200 per bake sale/concert.
  • Royal Room: Jazz Band and Vocal Jazz. May , 20 or 27.
  • Katrina Sibicky – suggested donating t-shirts to office admin staff so they can wear to promote Music program.
  • No pancakes/music this year.
  • Folklife: Jazz Band goes on Friday and plays in the Armory, do swing dancing, not a fund raising opp.
  • Anne V will update Website to say thank you for Direct Drive and Check out our Wish List!! Evan will email Anne with a list. Barb: this will help communicate to parents what we are spending our money on through the year.
  • Laurie asked the group if there would be more cookie dough donations from staff if it was promoted to not wait for a student to ask but Donna said it would not help.
  • Next year: Add line to cookie dough order form: Donate to Music Boosters without a purchase

Barb Dolby:

  • Barb tabled the conversation about chaperones. It is a bigger conversation and we have enough chaperones for Monterey. Chaperones are getting a bit of a discount.
  • Board Positions 2018-19: Barb said we need to have a nominating committee, Rebecca, Packy, Barb, Anne and Sue Caldwell will join Barb for a one-hour planning meeting. Talk to teachers for recommendations. Rebecca chairs the Nominating Committee.

Monterey Jazz Festival: March 9-11

  • Sue Pess – we need a school bus to the airport. She has changed outbound flight to middle of the day, packing list will be sent out. Other than that, everything seems to be under control.
  • There will be a parent meeting prior – or sign off on Code of Conduct
  • There will be Chaperone training,suggested to have meeting prior to trip, Feb. 27, 6:30, before our Boosters meeting at 7. TENTATIVE!