REMINDERS: NH Music Booster Meeting, 7 pm tonight, Tues., Jan. 27; Monterey Jazz Parent Meeting, 7:30

Parents of NH Music Students!

All are welcome to attend the Music Booster Meeting tonight, 7 pm in the Choir Room. Agenda and Booster contacts below, Jan. Minutes attached.

This meeting will be brief as there will be a Jazz Parent Meeting at 7:30 (same room) regarding the upcoming trip to the Monterey Jazz Festival,

Booster Agenda:
Teacher Updates: Katrina, Dan and Evan
Fundraising Update: Rebecca
Swag Update: Jen
Treasurer Update: Donna
Booster Position Nomination Committee Report
For the Good of the Order: All

Current Officers 2017/2018

Barb Dolby, Chairperson: babsdolby

Donna Crist, Treasurer: thecristfamily

Carolyn Price, Secretary: cprice_54

Rebecca Dietz, Fund raising lead: dietzrc

Jen Barron, Swag Sales, Chipotle: jjtabarron

Anne Viggiano, Website: avcolordesign

Laurie Duyker, Communications: theduykers

Carol Suddarth, Cookie Fundraiser: caroljsuddarth

Check out the Website:

“Where words fail, music speaks.” ― Hans Christian Andersen

Jan. 2018 Nathan Hale Music Boosters Meeting.docx