Mark Calendars for Music Booster Mtg., April 19th and Read March 8th Minutes

Greetings Music Parents!

Please read the Minutes from the March Booster Meeting for answers to many questions. Also feel free to contact the following folks to suggest future agenda items and receive more answers to questions.

Barb Dolby, president: babsdolby (to add items to agenda)
Donna Crist, treasurer: thecristfamily
Meredith Berlin, secretary: tellmeri
Rebecca Dietz, direct donation drive: dietzrc
Jen Barron, swag sales, Chipotle: wannabefolkie
Anne Viggiano, website: avcolordesign
Laurie Duyker, communications: theduykers
Carol Suddarth, Disney Cookie Fundraiser: caroljsuddarth

Nathan Hale Music Boosters Meeting

March 8, 2017, 7:30 pm

Minutes taken by Carolyn Price

9 people in attendance: Barb, Katrina, Dan, Donna, Carol, Jim, Michelle, Carolyn and Jennifer

Dan Rowe, Katrina Sibicky, Carolyn Price, Barb Dolby, Donna Christ, Jen Barron, Michelle Beaumont, Carol Suddarth and Jim.

Music Boosters President Barb Dolby opened the meeting.

1. Fundraising summaries were presented:

· Pancakes and Performances raised $1,300!

· March 3 bake sale made about $300

· Baked goods needed for the March 16 Wind ensemble and Orchestra Concert. Watch Sign-Up Genius for sign-ups.

· Cougar Mountain cookie dough was successful and Donna said we should continue this fundraiser next year as it helped students with their own fundraising for Disneyland.

· Carol suggested a car wash fundraiser at some point at Santorini’s parking lot.

· Lexie is still pursuing the Starbucks fundraiser with musicians.

· (Note: NH Alliance takes 6% of all fundraiser amounts)

Disneyland Topics of discussion

2. Katrina report:

· Permission slips from student musicians are trickling in. Some of these forms include District medical form, permission, etc. School nurse has been notified. All students will be excused on that Disney Friday ahead of time. Discussion on self-administer meds or if students check it off with teacher. Parents need to get these forms in.

· Working on getting all chaperone forms in. There will be a chaperone meeting and a lead chaperone meeting. Looking for a point chaperone. These meetings will be announced.

· Chaperone topics: Need logistical coordination of instruments, buses, payment, students, etc. Updated itinerary will be sent out to parents.

· Kelly Morgan looking into costs for shipping large instruments (tubas/cellos) or renting down there. Might rent or buy hard cello cases, Donna reported. Could we ask performing schools or others to let us use their instruments – we would make a donation to the group.

· Tubas: we need 3 tubas; we have one hard shell case. Probably need to rent 2 tuba cases.

· Roommates and parents are all assigned. 71 kids. Barb and Michelle ad Michelle will be lead chaperones.

· T-Shirts: Jennifer showed us an awesome design, very clean. These are for students and chaperones to all wear at Disneyland. Jennifer was approved to order the Disney shirts.

· Performance attire will be worn during the Friday performance.

· Identification at TSA airport check-in: Under 18, bring ASB card; over 18 bring driver’s license or passport, or government-issued picture ID.

· If your student is not flying home with the group on Sunday morning, parents need to pick up their student on Sunday morning, at hotel at 5:30 am. Find out from your student what room number they are in!

· Teachers will send out an info packet for Disneyland. Watch for this!

3. Fundraisers: Donna (Treasurer) Report:

· A huge thanks to senior Seth Larch for coordinating a very successful Pancakes and Performances Fundraiser March 4.

o All $1,300 raised (minus 6% that goes to the NH Alliance) will go to Music Boosters. Good job everyone who came out. Future Note: Outlets got overloaded; pay attention to this for next time. Bring extension cords!

· Chipotle’s Fundraiser March 8 made $1,304.05 Preliminary report is it was busy with Nathan Hale eaters! Might try and do this earlier in the next school year.

· Barb suggested we plan out fundraisers and activities earlier next year.

· March 16: Winter concert Orchestra Night, 7 p.m.

o Need bake goods to sell

· In summary, Donna was happy to report that we are covering our expenses. She added she would like to see $6,000-$7,000 in the account to start the school year.

Next meeting: April 19, 7:30-8:30 pm