Music Boosters Update

Next Music Boosters Board meeting is set for Tuesday, February 5 at 7 PM. This is a working meeting for the Board and committees, but all meetings are open and parents welcome to attend.

Complete meeting notes are archived in a private Music Boosters shared drive and available on request.

Summary: November & December Board Meetings

Fundraising & Budget

  • Barnes and Noble to be held Dec. 8. Lots of volunteer help needed.
  • Direct donation drive to launch with first email.
    In years past, most money raised has come from direct ask.
  • Discussion of other fundraisers to consider: Century Link Field concession stands, another Chipotle fundraiser, MOD pizza fundraiser, mattress sale fundraiser, “Hire the Band” fundraiser
  • Ask for help getting more organization and parent volunteers for events and bake sales
  • From September 1 to November 12, 2018, we have had $1917.63 in expenses with only $576.35 in income (as of Nov.), for a net loss of $1341.
  • Discussion of allocating set amount to each program, starting next year.
  • Teacher ask for $75 fee at beginning of year goes toward their self-help fund (not controlled by Music Boosters).
  • Money raised by Music Boosters funds clinicians, travel scholarships, and other fees that support students.
  • Discussion of pros/cons of large field trip
  • Jennifer will put in order for t-shirts and quarter zip sweatshirts.(gray with blue and red logo)
  • Online donations from direct donation drive currently at $1397.40 (as of Dec.)
  • Chipotle fundraiser netted $576.35
  • Treasurer detangled Music Booster funds and teacher Self-Help funds. The net income is showing negative on paper, but actually the account is holding steady with expenses similar to income.
  • Alliance for Education takes a 9% fee from online donations. Treasurer wants to explore setting up the Nathan Hale Music Boosters as its own 501c3 so that funds would not need to flow through the Alliance for Education. Discussion of pros/cons.
  • Discussion of mattress fundraiser possibility, which other schools and fundraiser organizer say could raise more than $2500. (

Teacher Updates

Katrina Sibicky (wind ensemble, chamber orchestra, concert orchestra)

  • Wind Ensemble
    • Date for EBMEA festival is set: 3/19 at SPU.
    • Seattle Chamber Music Society is piloting a program for bands where they send in coaches for a few weeks to work with chamber groups. Students in band will be encouraged (especially upper classmen) to form ensembles. For those who commit, I will arrange with SCMS to bring in the coaches.
  • Chamber Orchestra
    • Ensemble signed up for the Western Washington Orchestra Festival: Saturday 3/16 up at WWU. 
    • Signed up for Edmonds Session again.  Students will have opportunity to make a recording of a movement/piece at Edmonds Community College. 
    • Seattle Chamber Music Society has been doing program like mentioned above for strings from many years.  Since students in the group have been working in trio and quartet, I will arrange to bring in coaches for them. 
  • Concert Orchestra
    • 4 students have been working as a quartet with ECCHO.  They have been enjoying working with this year’s coach and are looking forward to performing at an ECCHO concert in December.

*Concert is coming up on Thursday, Nov. 29th.  Will need bake sale organized. 

Dan Rowe (Jazz Band)

  • Jazz Band spent five hours with clinician David Berger, which was funded by the Music Boosters. Really successful. In the future, would like to photograph and better document these types of events.
  • Jazz Band will participate in the Northshore Jazz Festival on November 17th
  • Jazz Band will be submitting recordings to the Essential Ellington and Monterey jazz festivals
  • Barnes & Noble concert on Dec. 8
  • Jazz band will play for the school during lunch on December 18th
  • Working on music for putting in a recording to submit for the Monterey festival, due January 12th
  • Wanting to submit the recording for the Essential Ellington festival, due January 25th. Looking for someone to assist with the recording.

Erica Ewell (Choir and Vocal Jazz)

  • Four soloists are planning to compete at the Bellevue College jazz festival
  • Concert choir will be attending EBMEA in March
  • Erica will be adding another course next semester, which will be a music survey course targeting non-musicians.
    Erica is teaching part-time now, but will be moving to full-time next year. She is planning to add a survey course next year on African American music. She would also like to add a middle choir level in between choir and vocal jazz.
  • Combined Eckstein Middle School and Nathan Hale High School holiday choir concert on Wednesday, December 19 at the Nathan Hale Performing Arts Center.
  • There may be a need for parent staffing of information tables during Nathan Hale High School Information Nights for future and prospective parents/guardians on Wednesday, December 12, 2018 and Tuesday, February 12, 2019 from 6 PM to 7 PM.
  • Barnes & Noble concert Dec. 8
  • Sue Pess’ office party
  • Event at the Wing Luke Museum on December 15
  • Choir Concert on December 19
  • Middle School tour with Eckstein and Jane Addams Middle School
  • Jazz Night on January 24
  • Bellevue College Jazz Festival on January 26
  • In March: DeMiero Festival, EBMEA choir festival, Concert choir will join the Orchestra and Wind Ensemble concert on March 13 in preparation for their festival

Other Business

  • Need to research how other music boosters raise and manage money.
  • Need a parent representative from each music group to coordinate volunteers and events for their group (like a Room Parent).
  • All agreed to not have meeting in January. Next meeting set for Feb. 5.