Jazz Audition Information 2018


The one playing requirement that the bass  and guitar do not have to prepare for is the Ballad.

The Rhythm Section on Sunday, June 10th from 12pm-4pm

Students will need to set-up a time by e-mailing either Mr. Norberg or Mr. Rowe. (eanorberg@seattleschools.org, dsrowe@seattleschools.org)

The Wind Players will be on Sunday, June 17th from 12pm-4pm

This is a first come first served deal, no need to set up a time.

ALL: Nathan Hale Jazz Band Audition Questionnaire

NHHS PIANO Audition Packet 2018

Piano Excerpt

Triste Piano.


Blues Chart Piano:Guitar 2

Ornithology C-part

Triste Piano.Guitar 2


Jazz Band Trumpet Auditions 2018-19

Ornithology Trumpet:Tenor Sax

NHHS DRUMS Audition Packet 2018

Drum Excerpt

Jazz Band Alto:Bari Sax Auditions 2018-19

Ornithology Alto:Bari

Jazz Band Tenor Sax Auditions 2018-19

Ornithology Tenor Sax

Jazz Band Trombone Auditions 2018-19

Ornithology Bass:Trombone

NHHS BASS Audition Packet 2018

Blues Chart Bass

Ornithology Bass:Trombone

Triste Bass