Attention all music families…we’re counting on your support

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and we’re feeling grateful for our community. With your support, we are rebuilding a noteworthy music program at Nathan Hale. = )

We have three fantastic educators building competitive programs for wind ensemble, jazz band, chamber and concert orchestras, vocal jazz, and choir. We also have a piano lab and opportunities for small groups and side projects. And the number of students wanting to participate is on the rise.

Please know that your support makes music possible for our students. The school district provides less than a dollar per student for our music program—not nearly enough to cover costs.

That’s where Music Boosters steps in. The money we raise, along with annual student fees, helps pay for much-needed sheet music, instruments and instrument repair, expert clinicians, festival fees, and scholarships for students who cannot pay the full cost for field trips and special events.

Our goal this year is to raise $15,000. While some of that will come from bake sales and periodic events, THE EASIEST, MOST EFFECTIVE WAY to donate is directly.

Please take a moment to contribute what you can. The suggested donation is $100 per family, but any amount is welcome, and every little bit helps. (Don’t forget employer matches! They really add up.)


1. Follow this link to the online donation center (managed by the Alliance for Education) and complete the form. The designated recipient should be auto-filled as: Nathan Hale Music Boosters – 02214. After submitting, you should receive an email receipt within seconds.

2. Find out if your employer matches charitable gifts. This can double your impact! Make the match through your human resources department. (Please also forward your email receipt (the one you received in step 2) to our co-treasurer, Carmen Brady @ bradyc888 who will track your match to make sure it comes through.

3. Forward this email to any and all friends, family, and extended community members who might be willing to support our music program.

NOTE: If you prefer to donate by check, please make it out to “Alliance for Education/Nathan Hale Music” and add “02214-Nathan Hale Music” in the memo/notes line. Put it in an envelope addressed to the attention of our Fundraising Chair, Jennifer Barrón, and send it to school with your kid to give to their music teacher.

If you have questions about this or any fundraiser, please contact Jennifer Barrón @ jjtabarron. Learn more about our program and upcoming events at:

THANK YOU so much for supporting our talented musicians!


The NHHS Music Boosters

Seeking bake sale love this Thursday

This Thursday, Nov. 8, is Hale Jazz Night and we need some volunteer help!

Show time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm PST (set up around 6:30)
Location: Hale High School PAC and lobby

As with all our performances, Music Boosters is sponsoring a bake sale to raise some needed funds and build community. In addition to treats, we traditionally also offer delicious Banh Mi sandwiches for those who might need/want a little substance.

We need a variety of volunteer roles filled, such as baking/buying a treat and bringing it before the show; setting up the tables, etc.; servicing the tables before, during intermission and after the show; cleaning up; picking up Banh Mi sandwiches, etc.

Whether or not your kid is in the show, if you’re a music parent, consider helping out. It’s a great way to meet people and hear some wonderful music!

Jen Barron set up the following signup form. Check it out and reach out to her if you have any questions.

We ask that any items donated be labeled with nuts, nut free, gluten free, etc. so we can accommodate all diets.

Thanks for your help! It takes a village.


Hale Jazz Band 2018-19 Roster!

Hale Jazz Band 2018-19

Alto Sax:

  • Mattias Mulchi
  • Marcel Dominguez

Tenor Sax:

  • Cece Matteson
  • Ben Saelens
  • Cooper Cox

Bari Sax:

  • Max  Hiatt-Rusk


  • Kale Strange
  • Rachel Schmidt
  • Toma Handelman
  • Avery Callahan
  • Kira Apodaca


  • Josiah Guynes
  • Claire Weinstein
  • Theo Lommers
  • Danni Brady


  • Jordan Hailey
  • Vibes/Piano
  • Eli Porter


  • Evan Wheeler


  • Rose Barnes


  • Avram Silverstein       
  • Thank you all for auditioning for Hale Jazz. If you have any questions/concerns please e-mail me at

Booster Updates: Minutes, June 12 Volunteer opp, and more!

Music Parents! Thanks to your support in so many ways we parents were able to support Hale Music students and teachers through funding needed equipment, instruments, special instruction and performance opportunities, teacher thank yous, individual fundraising opportunities and more! You are awesome and appreciated! With many of us having graduating seniors, please consider even increasing your involvement for ’18-’19 school year. ‘It takes a village’ and it’s so true that ‘many hands make light work’.

The final business meeting of the year for Nathan Hale Music Boosters was called to order at 7 pm, May 8th in the Choir Room. In attendance were Evan Norberg, Katrina Sibicky, Dan Rowe, Sue Pess, Barb Dolby, Donna Crist, Linda Overby, Anne Viggiano, Tracey Patton, Sue Coldwell, Laurie Duyker.
Reports from each teacher was first on the agenda.


  • May 20th – Royal Room – performances by Jazz Band and solo features by various Vocal Jazz members. Too many VJ students will be missing to perform the group numbers.
  • May 24th- Swing Dance (3rd annual) in the Commons featuring Vocal Jazz and Jazz Band with dance instruction provided. Sue Pess volunteered to look into professional instruction and she will communicate with Evan regarding that. Laurie will get the word out to surrounding schools and within the usual Hale marketing venues (bulletin, reader board, principal letter, parent mailing…) and Evan will do a poster to have students post around the school. There was some discussion regarding whether past advertising has been adequate but no decisions on anything other than the usual as per above.
  • June 6th – Final Concert will include the 3 new vocal jazz tunes and ‘Brave’, Drumline and Concert Choir as well as Jazz Band.
  • June 18 Vocal Jazz is planning to perform at graduation. The piece will be picked by the graduating seniors.
  • Evan announced his news that he is resigning this year to focus on increased opportunity at Shoreline Community College, his own group, ‘Wellspring’, and various performing and other groups/lessons that he’s involved in. After several years of long work days, 7 days a week he’s looking forward to a little more balance in his life though he has loved his work with high school students here at Hale. It was a difficult decision. A new person has already been selected who is strong in classical, jazz and piano and comes highly recommended. She was an intern at Garfield and is graduating from Western. Katrina and Dan were on the hire team.
  • Evan will hold auditions for Vocal Jazz this spring as per other years.


  • March was very busy for all groups including a recent Chamber Orchestra performance at Mapleleaf Assisted Living which the residents warmly appreciated, MoPop, playing with Seattle Festival Orchestra and 8-9 students playing in the pit for the Hale musical, the most Hale players in anyone’s memory.
  • Four string students from the Concert Orchestra have benefited this year from Chamber Music Madness program which reduces the cost for Hale students. This coaching also includes recital opportunities and she is hoping to continue this program next year. It is especially well suited for freshman students, who are not able to join the Chamber Orchestra and appreciate the additional challenge and opportunity. This $2000 program is offered to Hale for $600 and is one opportunity Boosters could help with. Katrina will structure this to maximize opportunity for all depending on the size and make up of the Concert Orchestra next year.
  • She is welcoming 3 incoming bassoon players this coming year and will be checking with each of them regarding their needs and expects to need help with renting/purchasing providing for these large, expensive instruments.
  • Looking to next year: Although she expects Wind Ensemble to be 20% larger next year there is not enough interest or instrumenation to support a 2nd concert band. We will continue to offer Chamber and Concert Orchestras.
  • Wednesday, June 13th is the Final Orchestra and Band Concert as well as one of the nights that Mr. Roby’s one-act plays from 5-6 pm. Although these are earlier than the Concert it might be an opportunity to work with drama boosters or offer the music bake sale early. Information will be passed to Bake Sale Chair, Jen Barron who may contact Mr. Roby about this.
  • There was an inquiry from Wind Ensemble parent about creating opportunity for eager band instrumentalists similar to the Chamber Orchestra and pull-out Chamber Music program for strings.


  • In addition to the Royal Room, Swing Dance and June 6th Final Concert mentioned earlier, Jazz Band will also be performing at the Seattle Folklife Festival May 25, probably around 4 pm for 45 minutes in the Armory. Other school groups will also be performing that afternoon and the audience can listen and/or dance. All are welcome to attend any and all of these free events.
  • UPDATE: Mr. Rowe will NOT be retiring this coming year (Yipee!). Mr. Rowe’s big news is that he is retiring (for the second time!) and is looking forward to seeing what the future will hold. He is involved with several music groups and after more than 35 years of teaching has energy and is excited to pursue something different.
  • He will hold auditions this Spring though there can be changes over the summer. There is a possibility that the new vocal teacher will be offered the Jazz Band position.

Discussion concerning Monterey Jazz Festival.
Donna and Evan thought it was worthwhile. Laurie suggested that it not be every year to make it more special and affordable. One parent shared that was a definite reach for them financially. Dan felt that a clinic with a great musician is a must for such a trip. Since Hale groups did not qualify for the competition, only the showcase portion of the festival, a clinic would not be offered and it is an expensive trip with no instruction. He suggested the Jazz Band consider Lionel Hampton Festival in Idaho as offering more and being more affordable as well. The new Jazz instructor/s next year will take this into consideration as they work with students and parents and Boosters. This year Olivia Pess was the only musician from Hale to qualify for the competition part of the event and she received valuable feedback.

June 12 is New Family Night. Music teachers, students and parents are invited to attend and be present at the music table. Anne Viggiano (Celeste, Chamber Orchestra), Sue Pess (Olivia, Vocal Jazz) will be parents attending and it would be great to have representatives from each music group. Laurie Duyker will provide homemade cookies. We may have swag to sell as well. Anne will provide contact cards for families to fill out. Tracey suggested they be used for a drawing for some swag. Come at 6, dinner available for volunteers and all new Hale families. Laurie will inform music parents in database of this volunteer opportunity. Carolyn Price and Jen Barron will also be attending. Other parents are welcome!

Fundraising – no chair people were available to report but Royal Room will include an ask for donations and 3 more bake sales should bring in over 1,000 more total this year. There was a mix up with Chipotle and will likely not happen this school year, stay tuned for more information on that. Barb will follow up with Jen.

Treasurer Report – Donna Crist
Current position for Boosters is about $10,000 with about $9,000 in the Alliance account and $1400 in the Teacher Self-Help Account. A reimbursement for over-payment from the travel agency used for Monterey went into the Teacher Self Help Fund.

If we try to keep about $4,000 at the end of the year in the Alliance/Booster account available for needs (music, instruments, festival costs, swag purchase, etc.) for September prior to fundraising efforts getting going there is an estimated $6-7000 that could be used by teachers prior to the end of this year. It was recommended that teachers work together for needs they want funded prior to end of school year/final concert so that purchases could be announced at concerts.

It saved money and worked well this year to coordinate using the Teacher Self Help Fund for field trips and some other expenses since this account doesn’t charge for every transaction like Alliance does. Both the school district and Alliance require time for everything.

’18-’19 Music Booster Positions

Nominations and voted in:

Caroline Price, current Secretary (Jamie, Wind Ensemble) will be President/Chairperson. cprice_54
Sue Coldwell (Eli, Vocal Jazz, percussion), Secretary
Tracey Patton (Sienna, Chamber Orchestra) Social Media, maybe database management and emailed notifications (i.e. Communications) tracy.patton
Welcome new position holders!

Treasurer – still open
Fundraising Chair – Still open
Swag and Bake Sales – currently Jen Barron jjtabarron
Cookie Dough – currently Carol Suddarth
Direct Ask Fundraiser – open
Barnes and Nobles – open
Chipotle – currently Jen Barron
Monterey – Sue Pess

Currently the Communications position is split with one person compiling database of all parents, Hale contacts for advertising and surrounding schools and sending notices out to make sure everyone is informed and spreading pertinent information and Website/Social media person. Tasks could definitely be consolidated or divided differently, perhaps with 1 person just maintaining and updating the gmail database which takes the most time in the fall and then again at the semester change.

Secretary, currently takes notes and submits for distribution and is available for key decision-making, providing copies for the meetings to review and keeping a notebook of hard copies.

Treasurer, it was suggested to have a co-chair for each field trip who took care of all financials, working with the Treasurer.

Fall will be a good time to connect with current and new parents to fill needs in the Music Boosters. A co-chair/president has been suggested in the past to provide for an easy transition.

The meeting closed with a brief discussion regarding a wrap-up, non-business get-together for involved parents. Barb will spearhead that and Laurie offered to help with getting email addresses as needed. It will be potluck, BYOB.

Respectfully submitted,
Laurie Duyker filling in for Carolyn P.

Please Sign Up for Nathan Hale Swing Dance Sign-up Genius

To: All you wonderful parents of Nathan Hale Music Students (ESPECIALLY JAZZ PARENTS)

Take a look at the Sign-Up Genius link here to volunteer to bring treats, set-up, clean-up, sell, etc. during the upcoming very fun event!

This sale not only makes the event more fun, it raises money for Nathan Hale music students!


Please respond to this email with any questions.


On Wed, May 9, 2018 at 5:46 PM, Nathan Hale Music Boosters <haleinstrumental> wrote:

Hello Friends!

Please help us spread the word about this fun 3rd annual event.

Thursday, May 24 @7pm in the NHHS Commons

  • No entrance fee
  • Come early for dance lessons
  • Listen to great performances by Vocal Jazz and the Jazz Band
  • Delicious food including banh mi sandwiches and baked goods, suggested donation

Thank you!
Laurie Duyker
Nathan Hale Music Boosters

Meeting Reminder! May NH Music Booster meeting, Tues., May 8, 7 – 8:30, Choir Room

Dear Parents of Hale Music Students!

You didn’t miss a meeting, March and April just flew by and our next Music Booster Meeting will be Tues., May 8, 7 – 8:30 pm in the Vocal Music/Drumline Room at Hale (enter PAC doors, turn right just before Commons and then right again.) Hear reports from each music teacher and help make plans to support music education at Nathan Hale. Come check it out and consider how you’d like to help this year or take on a role for this next ’18-’19 school year as we have a number of parents of graduating seniors. Questions? See current contact information and FEBRUARY MINUTES attached.

Tentative Agenda:

  • Welcome
  • Teacher Updates and Upcoming Performances – Dan, Evan, Katrina
  • Fundraising/Swag Report – Rebecca and Jenn
  • Treasurer’s Report – Donna
  • Communications – Anne and Laurie
  • Nominations Report and End of the Year Party- Barb
  • For the Good of the Order – All

Don’t forget to check out our Facebook and Website:

“Where words fail, music speaks.” ― Hans Christian Andersen

Current Officers 2017/2018

Barb Dolby, Chairperson: babsdolby

Donna Crist, Treasurer: thecristfamily

Carolyn Price, Secretary: cprice_54

Rebecca Dietz, Fund raising lead: dietzrc

Jen Barron, Swag Sales, Chipotle: jjtabarron

Anne Viggiano, Website: avcolordesign

Laurie Duyker, Communications: theduykers

Carol Suddarth, Cookie Fundraiser: caroljsuddarth

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