Hale Jazz Band 2019-20

Below is a tentative list of students who will be in the Hale Jazz Band this year. There are still some auditions going on. The list should be finalized by next Tuesday. For those who auditioned and did not make the band, please contact me if you want clarification on what areas you need to address for future auditions.

Hale Jazz Band 2019-20

Alto 1 – Mattias Mulchi
Alto 2 – Open
Tenor  – Cooper Cox
Tenor  – Ben Saelens
Bari -  Open
Trumpet 1 – Rachel Schmidt
Trumpet 2 – Toma Handelman
Trumpet 3 – Ike Biever
Trumpet 4 – Avery Callahan
Trumpet 5 – Will Lewis
Trombone 1 – Josiah Guynes
Trombone 2 – Peter Lin
Trombone 3 – Will Chesnutt
Trombone 4 – Dani Brady
Piano -  Jordan Scherr
Kira Apodaca
Guitar – Evan Wheeler
Bass – Rose Barnes
Vibes – Eli Porter
Drums -  Kyle Gough

Jazz Band Auditions Posted

The auditions this year for the 2019-2020 band for Brass and Saxes will held at Nathan Hale High’s band room on the following dates:

Brass: Monday, August 26th from 9 to noon.

Saxes: Tuesday, August 27th from 9 to noon.

It will be first come, first serve so come at any time during the audition period for your instrument.

Here are the PDF’s for the Brass and Saxes. Both selections are up to you as to how fast you’d like to play these pieces. I’d rather have clean than sloppy! The hierarchy of what I listen for is in order: Tone, Time/Rhythm, Feel, Intonation, Style, Dexterity and Range (brass) in particular.

Be prepared to play any of the 12 major scales, chromatic scale (brass for range, saxes for dexterity), improvise on concert Bb minor Blues and sight reading. If you have an optional one-minute selection that will also help me understand your level of ability, go ahead and play it.

The results will be posted on this website as well as posted on the band room door.

Any questions or concerns contact me at: dgrowe2@comcast.net

Have a great summer! Mr. Rowe